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My Dad broke in his new cross bow Saturday with a doe taken at Ft. Pickett.[grin]

Berfore those of you that don't like cross bows get too excited I would like to say that he is 64 yrs old, has been bow hunting since 1975 and at his age if using the cross bow helps him keep hunting with me then I am all for it. He has killed many deer with the compound bow so he is fully aware of good shot placement, waiting until the deer is at an accepatable range before shooting, etc. He dropped this one in it's tracks.

Anyway that said, I was happy that he was able to take one. We had just scouted the area and found lots of acorns so we decided to hunt it, well it paid off. [grin][grin] That made two for the father and son team last week. Now if Ranger could score all would be good!

Good Luck to all----no matter the weapon you use. Just go and have fun. [smile]

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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