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Got a late start w/ my Balto. Buddy(and his 11yro son) missing their turn off the circle in Georgetown and getting lost. Dumped in Lewes about 11 AM and headed up East of the anchorage. Picked up some short flounder, some croakers and a couple of blowfish. Boy are those blowfish DELICIOUS!

Splashed in Lewes at 7:00 am and headed to the vicinty of Starlite Reef. Drifted around picking up some short flounder, some nice croaker and we could feel some thing trying to steal our bait. I baited squid on one rod w/ #4 hooks to find out what was hitting but not getting hooked. Turned out to be small porgy, spot, blowfish and something with small brown "Freckles" on its head and large stripes on its body(I call them pigfish??). Don't have a picture but will try to research what they were.

Drifted into a real large pod of Spike Sea Trout caught a lot of 12, 13, 14, etc. Keep one 16"er for dinner w/ the croakers & blowfish.

Back at the ramp at 1:00pm. A fun day in that the 11 yro got to experience us catching 11 types of "fish". Flounder, croaker, blowfish, sand shark, pigfish, porgy, bluefish, skate, sea robin, spot, and sea trout!

Tight Lines and Fair Winds!
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