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Left the dock at 700 with Mitch (Kreiger?sp) and Sean (perchjerk) as crew....dawned a beautiful morning, bright sun and nice breeze. Got the spread out and Mitch soon boated a nice 29" on a white umbrella. Sean was next up and a fat 24" came in on a white board tandem. Next hit was on the white umbrella again and the fish was small, probably legal but just looked small in comparison to other fish the last few weeks, so I threw it back to grow up.
I think I angered the Fish Gods.....that was it for the day.
Wind picked up and shifted to the NW, got cloudy and choppy.
We trolled from Deale to down around Parker's and back, tried deep, shallow and in between.
Talked to a few TFer's on the radio, seems the guys a few miles south were doing a little better.
Called it a day around 2;30 and headed in.....will be back Friday morning.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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