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Left at 700, crew was Bowie, Andrew (andrew886) and his father. Ran out into 2-3 footers and dropped lines, because it was rough and getting rougher decided to not run the planer boards, so oat rods only. Slow catchin day......ended up with one fish at 26". Called it quits around 100, the waves had built to steady 4's with some much larger.
Spent most of the day discussing the various aspects of trolling for rock with Andrew who is relatively new to trolling the Bay.
Didn't mark much bait, and what fish we did mark were deep (40+ feet) in the water column....sleeping i guess, not feeding. the full moon probably had an effect.
I'm thinking most fish have moved further south now....unless it warms up are probably gone till spring in the mid bay area.
Gonna try a few more trips and hope to pick up some stragglers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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