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Dec. 30 @ 42; No Fish, lots of marks Deep

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Decided to fish up the bay with the weather forecast instead of Cape Henry and the Ramada; bad weather report and bad decision. Fished 6 hrs around 41 & 42; east and west side, steady fish on the bottom around 42, 60+ foot of water. Used MOJOs, parachutes, umbrellas and a downrigger - 0 Fish. Friend boxed one and released a slot early in the AM as we were working the spoil area so we moved to 42 and for 4 hours marked fish and waited for the turn on. Friend moved to RAPP #2 and was too late for that byte. Left 42 at 4PM for the 1 hour ride home. Never saw a fish caught; even by the eelers.
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That's to bad. I fished down near Kiptopeke. We had one run and my buddy caught his first citation of any kind. Water was like glass. Heard of a few others caught but not a whole lot. Glad its done for the year. Now I can concentrate on work.
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