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Got started about 9AM or so. Did not have too much luck jigging for about an hour. Fish were scattered and could not really find any birds working close enough to get to before they broke up. So switched to trolling. A lot of unders caught. 19s mostly. Close but no cigar. Did end up bringing in a 22 around noonish. Went back in to the boathouse to run out to Dent's and grab some STUFFED HAM sandwiches for lunch and got a few extra for later. Mmmmm, my kind of lunch for a day on the water. :) Swapped over gear while waiting for a friend to show and headed back out about 1. Pressure was falling and the bite was on. Fish came up off the bottom and were hanging around 15-20 ft down in 45-55 feet of water. Most were 22-24 inches, kept a couple that were caught on the long lines and had a lot of stress put on them on the reel in. Rest were released.

Worked Tall Timbers area. Not anything close to a HOT bite but steady enough to have lots of fun. Our friend who is just getting into fishing asked plenty of questions and had the opportunity reel in his first Stripers. He was the head "cranker" for the day. Made him reel in everything. :)

Good day had by all and just finished loading the coolers up with Ice and heading out again around 12.
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