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Fished Deep Creek Lake for 2 1/2 days.

Thursday - Started fishing in the State Park cove around 6:30, late, I know. We picked up 5 or 6 bass, both largemouth and smallmouth, on topwater in about 30 minutes. Fish were on the right side on the way to the back of the cove. Fish caught on white leverage buzzbait and Spit'n Image. Left there and headed to what we call Holy Cross, the cove across from Green Glade Cove. Drifted with large shiners and nightcrawlers for a number of hours. Caught one Walleye (16 inches), 2 Northern Pike (18-20 inches), 2 Yellow Perch (7 or 8 inches), 4 or 5 Chain Pickerel (14-18 inches), and a 15 inch smallmouth. All fish were caught drifting between 13' and 20'. Went out in the evening to Stump Point, fished topwater for an hour or so leading up to dark. Caught 5 or 6 smallmouth, between 10" & 14". Fish caugh on white leverage buzzbait, rebel pop-r, and a bass assassin. The fish shut down at dark, so we went back to the hotel.

Friday - We tried the State Park Cove again. Only got a few hits this time. Caught one largemouth about 13" and a smallmouth about 10". Both on white leverage buzzbaits. Headed up to stump point to bait fish. Not much luck. After 2 hours or so with only a couple bass and a perch to show for it, we tried something else. Tried a spot to the right of the dam on top of some big stumps, but nothing biting there. Fished the rocky shoreline on the south side of the dam with a buzzbait and managed one smallmouth about 10" around noon. Headed back to the main lake in front of the State Park Beaches. There is a hump there that holds some fish. We drifted there for 2 hours or so. We caught 2 or 3 smallmouth, a pickerel, and a few perch, along with a big bluegill. This was a tough drift. The wind was blowing around 20mph, and all the boat traffic made fishing difficult here. This was a tough day of fishing. Lots of time spent with not much to show for it. There was a pretty big bass tournament today. While we were drifting near the State Park, about 30 bass boats came flying by on their way to the dock. I think the added boat traffic as well as extra fishing pressure made fishing tough Friday.

Saturday - Fished rocky shoreline near the dam and caught 5 or 6 smallmouth, all on white leverage buzzbaits this time. No hits on bass assassins, spit'n images, pop-r's, or anything else we threw. Tried drifting at Stump Point again with little success. Caught a smallmouth and a perch. That was it. We left after that.

Overall, slower fishing than we are used to. No large fish this trip either. We were happy to catch the 2 Northern Pike. It has been a long time since we caught any of them. The weather did not cooperate very well either. On Thursday, it was cold, windy, and rainy. Hi temp for the day was around 58 degrees. Friday was a little better. Mostly sunny, but still cold and windy. Hi temp around 65 degrees. Saturday was the nicest day. Wind let up and the sun was shining. It was probably around 70 when we left @ noon.
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