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Lake: Red Mill
Location: Lewes, De
Date: 4/10/05
Weather: Sunny, 70 degrees
Wind: 5-10 MPH
Water Temperature: 50-55 Degrees
Water Color: Stained

We got to Red Mill at 7:00 AM, and launched at our private ramp and headed to the first cove on the north shore.
We worked this area with lipless crankbaits in red, and with a White/Chatruese spinnerbait to start out. My brother Kurt, landed the first bass of 2.9 pounds on the Ambush Lipless crankbait and shortly after that I picked up one on the spinnerbait that weighed 1.9 pounds. Both healthy and with a little more color this week as the water had cleared quite a bit.

We left this cove and headed towards the main highway and worked points leading into hard bottom bays with some wood and pads and caught 2 bass, both on the Ambush Stealth Diver in red, and they weighed in at a hefty 5.1 and 4.9 pounds. After covering this area well with various baits, we went on plane and ran to the upper end of the lake in another shallow cove with some pads poking the surface. It also has some chunk rock and wood mixed in along a 200 yard stretch of bank, and we landed 6 more bass from this area, all on the crankbait that ranged from 4.2 pounds, all the way up to a whoping 7.3 pounds, and full of eggs. We turned around after taking some posed still photos and releasing the bass, and worked back down the same bank towards the main lake again.
This time the same bank produced 3 more bass that had apparantly moved in to the warming shallows from deeper water, and they weighed between 4.7 and 6.4 pounds. Good bass anywhere. We were happy to say the least after a long winter.

We went downlake to another cove with similar cover and caught 3 more bass all on crankbaits that went from 3.5 to 5.8 pounds. We put the 2 biggest ones in the livewell, added some chemicals and aeration to keep them healthy, took still photos and video, and released them. After having a quick bite to eat, we went back to the first spot we started in and re-worked it again woith the same baits.
We only caught one bass this time, but it was 7.9 pounds. A GIANT in Delaware or Maryland. A nice bass anywhere!

We fished until 3:00 PM exactly and landed 5 more bass from shallow cover, all on red crankbaits, (Ambush), that went from 1.3 to 4.6 pounds. We called it a day, and will be back on the water after taking care of some businesss and the next radio show scheduled for Tuesday night.

Hopefully, Wednesday will be half as good, or who knows?, maybe better! Tight lines
Steve and Kurt vonBrandt S&K Guides/Delaware Tackle/Anglers Radio

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