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We started out at Trap Pond State Park in Sussex County today, thinking that since it was a clear, blackish colored Lake, that it may not have been as muddy as the upper Delaware lakes and Ponds that we normally fish for trophy bass in for a few weeks each year. WRONG!

It was stained badly, and a thick filamentous algae was already forming in the 45 degree water of 1-3 feet. We caught 2 bass up shallow, tight to cover in 4 hours, and they were both the same size, at 1 and 1/4 pounds.

This was not why we came, and even though we could have toughed it out, and caught a 5 fish limit for a tournament, why bother? We don't fish any tournaments there and we are after trophies now, so we left and drove back to Smyrna, and launched at Lake Como, into 54 degree chocolate milk colored water, with various types of debris floating everywhere from the storm.

We did manage 3 bass from the very shallow wood on the north shore of the lake that went between 2 1/2 and 3 pounds. They were solid white from the water color. We worked up a little further and hooked one of the largest bass we have caught in 6 years in Delaware, and it bulldogged, and ran Kurt around the Nitro from front to back twice, even though we were using 7 foot rods in medium Heavy and had on 20 pound McCoy Mean Green line, we couldn't really control it.

It made a final run and we saw it go for the trolling motor, so Kurt ran to the back of the boat again and it broke the surface, headed into the big motor prop on the back, and the line caught on my rod I had out in the water when it was hooked, and it gave it just enough play to throw the Rat-L-Trap.

Needless to say we were sick, as having caught and released over 100 bass from Delaware that are between 5 and 10 pounds in the last few years, we knew that it was one of the top 3 fish we had ever caught, and I may have even considered mounting it, as I know it wasn't 10 pounds, but was so close to 9 that it looked as if it was, so it won't live much longer anyway, and I doubt you will get it to strike again on artificials.

We are going to a Private Lake next week, and then Red Mill one more time, and then we are finished with the trophy hunting here,and we start guiding on the rivers and pre fishing for tournaments on the Potomac and Upper Bay.

Good Luck and Tight Lines Steve
GYCB (Yamamoto)
TTI-Blakemore (Daiichi, Tru-Turn, X-Point)
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