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Hi All,

Many BISC members met my daughter Debbie and I hope enjoyed her outgoing personality. Internally, she isn't all that confident, but she does a great job in relating to people and getting excited about Gil Net Surveys and striper fishing. Of course, being her father, it's my opinon.

However, she's returned to California this past weekend. My fate is to begin living alone in Scottsburg, VA for the first time. Likely many BISC members have handled the loss of a Mrs and the eventuality of living alone. Any advice from anyone that's actually been through this is appreciated.

For now, I'd like to publicly thank Ramrod, Lanny, and Mike Smedley for making Deb's visit a life time memorable event. While my gray matter doesn't work so well these days by remembering names, Deb will not soon forget anyone of you she's met at a club meeting or on the water. Nor will I or her excitement about her catches.

I hope she can come back to visit and fish for striped bass in Kerr and Chesapeake. I know she wants to because so many of you made the recent fishing a memorable time for her.

Thanks and Regards,

Joy T Brew

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I want to thank you for your kind words of appreciation. I really enjoy having you as a member of the club and especially your love and enthusiasm for the sport. I also appreciate your friendship. I'm sure you will miss Deb and I know we will. We look forward to her return and I hope she decides she liked it so much here that she decides to move to Virginia and be closer to you and us.
I wish I had some advice about the loss of your wife but I am at a loss for words or advice.
I and my first wife were married 23 years before we divorced. It almost killed me. I went from 206lbs to 176lbs. Had it not been for my family and friends I probably would not be here now. I tried to be around friends constantly and shared my struggles with them. I found scripture to be true for me that "to share a burden halfed it and to share my joys doubled them". I shared my struggles with my family and friends and they helped carry them, thus taking away from my load and when something good happened I shared that too and saw that they too were happy for me thus doubling the joy.
If at any time you want to talk or need a friend please feel free to give us a call. Lisa and I truly enjoyed our time with you and Deb and we hope to do it again. I appreciate your friendship and the HUGE contribution you have made to our club. I'm thrilled to have you as a friend. Maybe when weather clears up we can get together with Yogi and go crappie fishing. Call me ANYTIME! See ya buddie.
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