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Destin area - 6-25-06

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Visiting kin stationed at Hurlburt Field, bringing 23CC & plan to fish deep & skinny water. What type of fish can I expect to target, any local knowledge would be appreciated, I'm from Va.Beach, Va. & will do the same for you if you ever like to fish the Tidewater area. Thanks Capt. Stickman
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Just moved to Ft Walton from Hampton, VA area. Still kind of learning the local waters. I am stationed at EGlin. Actually, June should be a good month to fish. You can target the ocean front for king and spanish macs, cobia, large redfish, jack crevalle and bonito. If you want of fish skinny water (Choctaw bay/ the flats), specs and redfish should be fairly active. They also have flounder, blues,and different kind of snappers in the bays and inshore. the Destin Pass seems like a good place to start. hope this helps.

Thanks Greg, Looking forward to wet a line...how are the boat launch facilities, my bro says they (military has a nice one w/ boat wash!!!)Can't what to see night ops w/ AC130's!!
I know Eglin has several boat launches/marinas on base. It's only about a 2 mile ride to the Destin pass/Gulf. I'm sure Hurlburt has a marina, but most military store their boats at Eglin. The two bases are only 7 miles apart. There are other public marinas in Destin and FWB. Since you have a 23 ft boat, if the weather is nice, you shouldnt have a problem going offshore for tuna. Unlike VA waters, offshore fishing is only 20-30 miles, if that.

Oh, I forgot. Fishing offshore wrecks/structure for large grouper, red snapper and amberjack is also popular. These areas are relatively inshore and you shouldnt have a problem accessing them.

Thanks again Greg, I'm looking forward to fishing hard. Last time we got chased out by 2 hurricanes!! Hope this year isn't as active. What are the fuel prices like? Up here it's $2.30 for Regular
Thanks for all input, We caught 7 Wahoo's & 4 "Smoker Kings", good WX. Give me a shout if you come to Va. & I'll try to put you all on some fish...
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