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Did anyone have a boat at deep creek marina in newport news?

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:eek2: roof blew off on to the boats at deep creek marina in newport news!
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deep creek destruction

thanks for the concern, there about 28 boats have damage,some minor some major,as you look through the photos , There are 2 boats on lifts that are completely covered by the roof of the covered shed, one is mine the other is a friend of mine who owns the parker with twin outboards,we dont know how much damage yet they are bringing in cranes to remove the debris..All the marinas in deep creek have pitched in to help with mooring. That entire pier will have to be torn down and probably another covered pier that was totally lifted off the pilingswill have the same demise. At least the workers at the marina escaped harm. I guess my fishing season is over for a while...The owner, Randy Abbott has been super on getting things done, he wasted no time in getting crews to remove the debris.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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