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Hey guys and gals,
a hunter is in need of our help. My sisters husband works for the joe martin als foundation and has a patient that has been a avid hunter his whole life and now he has als. For those of you that dont know als is lou gehrigs disease and your mind still works but your body ceases to function. My sisters husband is looking to get him a special adapter that will let him control the crossbow or gun with the air from his mouth. Here is the link it is a device for people who cant use there arms to be able to go hunting.Prices
I think this is a great cause and any donation whether it be a dollar or 100 will help. I would like to see this hunter hunt again. I have sent him venison the last two seasons and i think it is time for him to hunt again. I hope some of you consider making a donation even trhough times are tight. The link to the foundation is
If you make a donation you can write in the bottom of the check that it's for adaptive hunting device and you can be assured it will go to the right cause. If you donate please post up and let everyone know you donated. I hope this post isn't out of bounds on the forum. Thanks for all your time,
Capt Jared McCaskill
http://www.joemartinalsfoundation.org/ correct link for foundation
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