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an opportunity to talk menhaden with junebug has availed itself. If you subscribe, please treat Ms Hall-Arbor's list with respect. And be prepared for a glut of email.

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from today's list,

Subject: Re: menhaden cap/here is greed-at it again?
From: "Niels Moore"
Date: Wed, March 8, 2006 3:20 pm
To: [email protected]
Priority: Normal
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In a message dated 3/8/2006 3:07:48 PM Eastern Standard Time,
[email protected] writes:

Or, per the definition I've provided, one can simply look at the menhaden
catch records and observe that localized depletion is occurring, in the
Chesapeake Bay, whether measured over the last decade or the last


By virtue of your statement above, you would apparently argue that
"localized depletion" is evident, because a *declining* trend in commercial landings
exists. Conversely, then, an *increasing* trend in commercial landings would
naturally indicate that localized depletion is not occurring. Interesting,

From your original post, you stated, "a lot of biological indicators that
all point in the same direction, and make it clear that localized depletion
issues have been, and continue to be observable."

Care to shed light on any of the other indicators?


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"Maryland Department of Natural Resources fishing reports throughout the 2005 fishing season indicate that not only did sport anglers enjoy "some of the best large fish angling they've ever seen in the bay", but also that the fish caught by these anglers were both very healthy and very fat. According to the DNR, "One thing is sure though is that [striped bass] must be growing fast based on how much they're eating; they are fat. If the striped bass are fat, the bluefish are even fatter. Many are starting to look like blimps; they just never stop eating if given the chance. They almost seem to ooze oil through their skin like warm fat through cheesecloth when you hold them, real grease balls."

Review Maryland DNR Reports and Photos.

Im kinda confused. Ive actually noted that rockfish tend to be light esp north bay area that Ive fished due to mycobacteriosis infection, which is by itself a wasting disease. At the cbbt, I noted very heavy fat football sized fish, but then again, the chance of finding baitfish is much greater there then here. I too have witnessed a strong decline of menhadden esp above the Bay Bridge, esp the last 20 years. No doubt that low DO and pollution have kept some of the filter feeders away, however, harvesting has had an effect on the overall population.

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[Q]Capt. Mike Anderson originally wrote:

So Niels Moore has admitted he is JuneBug?


By observing the writing styles, I suspect that Junbug was not a single person but multiple people. Posting on this board was probably a task that was delegated to multiple people in an office........probably junior people. They sure did get peoples emotions stirred up.
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