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fishing is not over. in fact, it is never over!! just because the Maryland season is out, does not mean put the gear away. we will be heading down to VA Beach this coming week to start fishing for the stripers either on the ocean front out of Rudee, or doing some catch and release light tackle at the CBBT. These trips will be running $600 for the ocean trips and $550 for the CBBT trips. i can carry up to 4 anglers on both of these trips. the ocean trips limits are a little different. everyone on board is allowed 2 stripers over 28 inches, thats right 2!! even the captain. this makes for plenty of meat to get you through the winter. my goals on both these trips are to target these fish using light tackle, on the ocean trips i will have 6 trolling rods rigged and ready if needed. some days that is the only way to get em. last year on some of the jigging trips the average fish was going 25 lbs. you get that on light tackle and you have your hands full. my best day down there with the light sticks we landed 4 fish over 30lbs and one that dropped the scales to 42lbs. give me a call if you are interested in one of these trips.
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