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"Doug Hannon" The Bass Professor, talks bass fishing with Anglers Radio.

Doug Hannon is the world's leading authority on bass behavior and he talks with Anglers Radio host Steve vonBrandt about blargemouth bass fishing from the 1960's to the present.

Doug Hannon has to be the world's leading authority on bass fishing and behavior and this week he talks about bass mortality, the original design for all the weedless props we use today on our trolling motors, (that he invented in his garage at 3:00 AM one morning), to how to keep bass alive in the livewells using ice and chemicals to amusing stories about his experiences over the years.

Here is a little information about Doug Hannon for those of you who may not know his whole story.

Doug was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1946 to a Canadian mother and a father from Texas. He moved to the United States at the age of 6. He attended Governor Dummer Academy in Byfield, Massachusetts and went on to complete a B.A. degree at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

He has dedicated the last 30 years to studying the lives of fish, with an emphasis on the largemouth bass. Along the way, he made it into a living by catching more than 500 bass over 10 lb, writing hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, and three books, (Hannon's Field Guide for Bass Fishing, Catch Bass, and Big Bass Magic). he did three videos with 3M called,
(Understanding Bass, Catching Big Bass, and Bass-Formula for Success), which among them won
Cleo and Teddy awards. He published the Hannon Moon Times nationally for TV, magazines, newspapers, and radio. He is on the masthead of "Outdoor Life Magazine" (a Times Mirror publication and one the New York City based Big
Three outdoor publications). He holds 11 U. S. Patents on various fishing inventions ranging from fishing lures to chemical treatments to improve fish survival in release tournaments, boat anchors, and invented the weedless
trolling motor prop now seen on virtually every fishing motor made today. He has served as a tackle design and marketing consultant to companies like Brunswick/Zebco, Cabela's, and many other manufacturers. He was a design
consultant on fishing boats for Outboard Marine Corporation (Johnson and Evinrude outboard motors), Stratos (the largest manufacturer of bass boats in the country), and designed the "Panfisher Series" line of fishing boats
for Bass Pro Shops. Doug also worked with several large tourist attractions in Florida, like Busch Gardens, Homosassa Springs, WeekiWachee Springs, and Silver Springs on the maintenance of fish habitat and the setting up of fish displays for the public. He shoots all the underwater video and appears weekly
as talent on ESPN's Sportsman's Challenge (Sportsman's Challenge has been the number 1 rated outdoor fishing show on all networks for the past 3 seasons). He also does the "Bass Professor" segment on ESPN and ESPN 2 52 weeks
a year and has spent considerable time diving, observing and documenting underwater behavior of many species of both fresh and saltwater fish. He was also a script consultant on the "Billion Dollar Bass" show produced and aired on the popular PBS series, "Wild America". In 1997 he produced and introduced a computer software program on CD ROM. It features the first time ever 3 dimensional mapping system for lakes and is titled Hannon's 21st Century Bass Professor. He was inducted into the Fishing Hall of Fame as a "Legendary Angler" in the year 2000, by the nomination of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf and Homer Circle. he makes a living as a consultant, inventor, writer, educator, and photographer. He is working as a design consultant with Ugly Duckling Lures and "Natural Motion" Lures, which can be seen on the Delaware tackle, Reeltimeanglers, and S&K Guide Service websites.

He is currently a masthead writer for "Outdoor Life" magazine and serves on the board of directors for the Snook Foundation, the Catch and Release Foundation, and on the Honorary
Board of Directors of Tarpon Bonefish Unlimited.

In the early '70's, he began writing about and advocating the now familiar Catch and Release ethic for big bass. He became the most famous big bass guide in Florida, starting out by requiring three-day minimum bookings and
allowing only one fish to be kept in those three days. Then, in 1976, he became the first prominent guide in the state to require the release of all fish without exception. He tagged hundreds of big bass, studied their movements and lifestyle, and tried always to convey to the public the rarity and value of big fish in the ecosystem. He was a consultant to Texas Parks
and Wildlife Department on the development of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, which is not only the nation's best example of the way state fisheries agencies should reach out and interact with the public, but also the nation's best state-of-the-art Florida Bass hatchery. he helped develop and promote the "Catch and Release" livewell additive. As a consultant to
the Bass Anglers Sportsman's Society, the nation's largest bass fishing tournament organization, he designed their procedure for treatment of bass with his own chemical formulations and cooling procedure at weigh-ins.

These two efforts, both by themselves and by national example, save the lives of countless thousands of tournament-caught bass every year. He has done work with agencies like Brunswick's Fish America Foundation, as well as participated in numerous charity functions over the years.

He patented the propeller that has allowed anglers to fish vast areas of previously inaccessible weed beds where bass truly live, and he has fought the battles to stop the
irresponsible use of herbicides in our waterways. He lobbied the Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission in the arena of the public media, until they lowered the creel limits on bass. He currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Council for the International Gamefish Association. For the past
thirteen years, as "The Bass Professor" on ESPN, he has tried to give the
public a better understanding and appreciation of our most important freshwater gamefish by taking them into the underwater world of the
largemouth bass. His goals have always been to advance an enlightened public interest in the outdoors, using all the elements including participation, invention, and influence of public policy, education, and documentation in
the form of writing, photography, video, and public appearances.

Doug is a good friend to Delaware Tackle and Anglers Radio and more information on Doug Hannon and all his new products can be seen at his website or at www.skguideservice.com, who is working along with Doug to preserve the sport we all love so much.

You can hear the show anytime on Anglers Radio as it is archived in Broadband and Dial-up for all listeners at www.anglersradio.com
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