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Started a report and don't have a report. :yes: Came down with the flue Thur evening and have been taking med's trying to shake the darn thing off. Feel a little better this morning but still have some cough. Called Gene yesterday and told him not to wait around for me to show up this morning. I was going to stay in bed. Shooting time was around 6:18am or so this morning and I've been sitting in my lounge chair watching the news since 6 am and have not heard the first shot from over in the swamp as of yet. Does look like maybe things are going to pick up by the middle of next week I'm hoping. Pulled this off the Ducks Unlimited site just a few minutes ago and it was just posted yesterday.

Friday, Nov. 20, 2015
Reported by DU Biologist Jacob McPherson

Large low pressure system forecast for this weekend in the Upper Mid-West/Prairie Pothole Region. This, coupled with high NW winds, extreme temperature plunges and significant snowfall in those areas could push some new birds into the Mid-Atlantic Region.

PP did you get my pm yesterday? I saw your post on the other board.

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