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Not much to report this week as I only fished two days. Sunday I fished with George and Brandon Opre. The father and son team had not fished in Mosquito Lagoon before. We started the day by looking for some bigger redfish and black drum that had been around all week. This day, however, they were nowhere to be found. We moved in closer to shore and began to see a few redfish and trout sitting in the sand holes. George caught a respectable trout on a gold Exude jerk bait to break the ice. Spot two produced a few smaller trout on Capt. Joe’s Shredders and a DOA shrimp under a Cajun thunder style cork. We moved again still searching for some redfish but again, a spot they have been for the past few weeks was full of bait but the gamefish were lacking. George landed another trout around 21” on the same gold Exude. By now the wind had picked up and clouds began to move in making sight fishing and casting difficult. We spooked a few more reds at the next spot but had no legitimate casts at them.

Wednesday, I fished in the St. John’s River with Rick Roberts hoping there may be a few shad still roaming the river. Fishing south of the SR46 bridge, we did not find any shad but we did catch around 50 fish made up of a mixture of bass, bluegill, redbreast, and mudfish. The fish were caught on a 5wt flyrod with small weighed flies in chartreuse or pink and a chartreuse roadrunner on ultralight spinning gear.

Be aware that the pole and troll zones in the northern Mosquito Lagoon are in effect and will be enforced. This main part of the zone covers the Tiger Shoals area. A marked channel has been established for boaters to enter and exit the zone. Once outside the channel you may use a trolling motor or push pole only. Boats in the zone must have a draft of 12” or less. The northern entrance/exit to the zone was mistakenly placed over a sandbar so exercise caution of running through this area. The officers enforcing this zone have told me that they may not always be visible and violators may not get stopped on the water but their hull numbers can be recorded and tickets sent out via mail. Three violations will result in fishing privileges being revoked. Anyone fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon must have a self issuing fishing permit. When obtaining this permit, you are stating you have read and understand the fishing regulations for the Lagoon. These regulations, a map of the poll/troll zone, and the fishing permit can be obtained at http://www.fws.gov/merrittisland/fishing/index.html .

Capt. Chris Myers
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