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Sandtiger gave you good advice. If you can get in on the ramp south of the Wildlife refuge it's a short paddle to the Little bridge which is the one from Fishermans Island to the Eastern Shore mainland. Kiptopeake state park could have some stripers arround the concreate ships, Oyster would be a waste of time

Stripers around the little bridge are probably going to be the best bet and that could be a very good spot this time of the year.

It's not realy a ramp just a mud bank into a narrow creek that's on county property right off the road. It's Sandwiched in between the Federal Wildlife refuge and a private locked ramp used by commercial fishermen, There is a Yak rental place on the main highway who uses that spot and may know if it's open. Chris's bait and tackle may also know the acess situation. 757 331 3000

But I don't recall any gate or way to lock it up so you could just crash it. I have never had any problems launching or parking.

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