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Woke up this morning to an unpleasant breeze out of NNE, so instead
of leavinq from Poquoson I trailered the ski to Kippoteke. Dropped at
0645hrs. Tried drifting eels and live spot around the ships for about an
hour and a half with no luck. Went to High Rise and did the same with
same results. I had some friends fishing the third so I went and checked
on them. They were togging and in 4 hours had caught 2 small keepers.
I saw Team ******* working the tube, by then it was blowing north at
about 20 so I started making my way back to concrete ships. I fished
for another 45 minutes at the ships and went back in at 1230. It was a
sloppy day and no fish but still better than working. Thanks Bro. Pictures
are not the best as they were taken with my cell.

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Good seeing you out there Brian. Your are an extreme dude!
Sorry about the skunking..Happens to the best of us...Just makes the catching all the better when it happens... I agree with "the extreme dude" as Billy so nicely put it and would also like to add cool as well :cool2:...Brian " a Very Cool & Extreme Dude!" You are alright in my book Brian... Thanks for the report! Beth
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