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Ellicott City - Font Hill pond

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Took my father to the pond at Font Hill on Wednesday evening around 8pm. We had never fished there before, and I was interested in seeing what was in it. I fished with a Strike King 3X Zulu, my father fished a white buzzbait. The pond has some sort of grass in the shallows which was holding alot of minnows. I missed my first hit, he didn't take it. I saw a nice sized tail in the weeds busting on some minnows, so I threw my zulu in and worked it slowly on the surface. Decent bass sucked it in and I managed to drag it out of the weeds and onto the boardwalk I was on. Fish was 16 or 17 inches, probably 2.5 lbs. Good fish. Only fish we caught. There were 2 other guys there, but I didn't see either of them catch anything. My father got one hit, but missed it. We probably fished for about 40 minutes.

It was a cold evening, temperature was about 55 when we left. I think the fish may have been a little deeper and they didn't want to come up for out topwaters. I will definitely give that pond another shot, maybe there is something bigger in it.

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Ellicott City Font Hill pond

Mike I grew up in that area and fished that pond in the mid 60's and 70's. I am surprised that pond did not get filled and a house put on it. There was good largemouth and bluegill fishing back than. Try texas rigged purple or black 6-8 inch plastic worms.
Big Kev
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