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ESVA Sharks?

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The Fiance' and I had a blast catching everything that swims last year down on the Eastern Shore of Virginia this past summer. We plan to go again this year, but she really wants to catch a shark. We saw several big ones last year, but only managed rays.

Can anyone offer advice on catching sharks down near Kiptopeke? General Locations (not looking for anyones GPS), baits, rigs, tides, etc? The only thing is we would have to say inshore of the bridge, generally close to land because we don't have a big boat. She is kinda fearful of the ocean anyway.

We don't care what kind of sharks, just bigger than the 16inch dogfish we catch in Ocean City. Last year we fished near the Fisherman's Island bridge and like I said, we saw some sharks, but we are just looking for more of a sure thing (not that there is ever such a thing in fishing). Thanks for the help folks.

Matt in Salisbury
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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