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Please bear with me as this trip is going to make a good article, so I am saving the best parts for that. So here is a summary.

Wednsday- I arrived in Houston after a 3.5hour flight on a 50 passenger puddle jumper. My fellow Team Wildly bro, Phil Perry picked me up and we met another team member and loaded up kayaks including the new T160i's. We then made the two hour drive to POC. We actually stayed in a fishin camp called Seadrift. We arived too late to fish so we got everything ready for the next days prefishing, and fired upo the grill and iced down a few drinks. Team members Dean Thomas, Scott Null, and Reubin Garza all caught 30-inch reds on Wednsday.

Thursday- we started out early for a good day of prefishing, we paddled about 3-miles to an area at the west end of Shoalwater Bay. We saw lots of fish and i got a few blow ups, but nothing on th hook. I did get to see several big reds crawling across a flat, and some tailing reds. The fish were very skiddish because of the low water. The water was also very dirty and almost fresh. At the end of the day I managed to get a 25-inch red and an 14-inch trout from a deep cut. With the sun going down, we decided to head back, with 2/3 of a slam unde my belt, i figured that it would not be hard to find a flounder on game day.

Friday- all hell breaks loose, in typical fashion the wind decided to make a visit, with gusts to 40mph, friday became a day to lounge around and think about our team strategy. Team member Joe Poole actually gave me a good tour of POC and we got to visit a very large ranch.

Game Day- we decided to fish an area that we did not pre-fish, BIG MISTAKE. The are was know as Boggy Bayou, and we were assured that this was the place to get a slam. When we arrived at 5am, ther was about 2-inches of water and 3-feet of muck. Needless to say we sloped around all day looking for deep water and a bite. We set up in the main channel and waited for the tide to come in and flood the flats. The water did come in, but only long enough to trigger a short bite of redfish. Phil caught one fish and put it on his camera. All I caught that day was a snagged sheepshead. At 3pm we decided to go to the POC jetty and give a flounder a shot, when we arrived there, other competitors were leaving the jetties saying that they got the skunk. With 30min left to turn in the cameras we called it a day.

On a good note we did get third in the team slam division and Rubein and Scott both placed in trout and redfish divisions respectively.

We have a very good team and look foward to the next tourney in Galveston in May.

ALso i did get to paddle the T160i, and it is badazz, I cannot wait to get mine. It is definatly goin to be the fastest yak on th water.
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