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I have both backpacked and kayaked in to False Cape State Park. You can find information about the park at the Va. State Park website. http://www.dcr.state.va.us/parks/falscape.htm You need a reservation and there is info about that on the website. Also, there is a small fee.

The camping is primitive. The only way in is walk, bike, or by way of the water. So, no RVs, SUVs, or electric hookups. Makes it nice for the peace and quiet set. There are several places to camp in the park. I have stayed at Barbours Hill Bayside. There is a pit toilet and water available there. Not sure about the other locals in the park. There is also a pole for hanging your food. Racoons are the problem if you don't hang it.

Parking is at Little Island and there is a canoe/kayak launch spot across the street from the Little Island parking lot. That is for paddling bayside. I have not tried the ocean side. The Barbours Hill Bayside campsite has 5 - 6 sites as I recall. The camping is an easy walk from the small pier and canoe/kayak landing area at Barbours Hill - just a couple hundred yards along the dirt road that goes out to the pier- The sites are in the trees - so there is shade. If you continue along the road you come to the ranger station, which probably is not manned on a routine basis. Usually the ranger will drive by the campsites in the afternoon or evening to check on who's there. You post a copy of your reservation on the post at the site (also make a xerox copy to leave on the dashboard of your car for overnight parking at Little Island.

In June, plan on hot, humid, and buggy, and buggy, and buggy. Last time I was down there, the mosquitoes got so bad after the sun went down they chased us into our tents. Not sure, but I think they may have been weaned on Deet. There are also some ticks, around. So check yourself before bedding down for the night and when you get home.

Can't talk to the fishing. Others can probably tell you about fishing in Back Bay.

Have fun. Drop me a B-mail if you have any questions.

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