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Got a call yesterday - charter captain lost a big Rocna anchor and 30 feet of chain near Bloody Point. The connector link to second 30 feet of chain busted open. He gave me the area to look for this $$$$ ground tackle.

Friends Dan and Cliff met me at Sandy Point at 8 am. I had a close call with a wild Turkey - the bird not bourbon. Damn thing flew out and went over truck - somehow not getting hit by boat. I guess me taking the corner at 15 mph gave the bird room to soar.

I launched and looked boat over - no damage , feathers , blood. Idled out on a low tide - last of out going current.

We went out to normal Spot area in 13 to 15 feet. Set up and had a steady pick on small ones. Took about 25 minutes or so to get 20 or so. We idled to bridge - only one charter working pilings.

Dropped anchor north of piling and powered back to off set light south breeze. Let one engine in gear to hold boat just right. Three Rock came fast - 22 to 26 inchers. One big split shot was perfect with light current. Looked at time - 9:15. Love it.

Pulled anchor and ran 9 miles SE to Bloody Point. Used side scan to look for the big anchor but no luck. Did spot three crab pots in along the edge from 25 to 50 feet. This would be a tricky dive spot.

Decided to deploy grapple anchors - good chance to snag the chain or even big anchor. The Ronca looks like a plow but has a roll bar across top. Perfect to grab the grapple. Cliff idled around and Dan kept eye on out path and side scan.

Few passes in - felt a lot of weight. We pulled and felt the thing move - and brought it up. Frame of old crab pot with few old lures on it. We ended up getting the other two we saw on side scan - nothing left but frames.

Current began to move - putting a dive out of question. We had an area - not exact GPS numbers. Plan to get captain to put a marker where anchor should be to narrow search area down better. The drop is sharp here - length of boat can change 20 feet.

We put grapples away and ran back - stopping to try to grapple an anchor lost Friday in near bridge. Dragged for a while - only getting a piece of rebar. Called it an early day and ran back about 12:30. Saw guy at bridge working on a scaffold - had to grab a photo.

May be an image of 3 people and outdoors

Hopefully get back and find the big anchor - captain is out some $$$ to replace it.
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