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Jerky recipe for GROUND venison

3 pounds of ground venison
1 pack of Backwoods Original brand jerky seasoning (enough for 3 pounds of meat)
1 bottle of favorite barbecue or steak sauce. (I like the Jack Daniels grilling sauce)
Half cup of ground black pepper
Two heaping teaspoons of Lowry’s seasoned salt
Cayenne pepper to taste

Prepare three pounds of ground venison with the Backwoods jerky seasoning according to package instructions, with one exception.
The package instructions call for adding water. In lieu of the water, add the bottle of barbeque or steak sauce.
Mix in the ground black pepper.
Sprinkle the Lowry’s seasoned salt evenly over the meat.
Add the cayenne pepper to your own tastes. I like mine very spicy.
Mix the whole concoction evenly.
Let sit in the fridge overnight.
Form jerky strips using a jerky gun.
Dry according to your own preference.

Oops, I forgot 1 cup of brown sugar. Mix the brown sugar with a little bit of water in a separate bowl to loosen up the brown sugar, then pour it over the meat mixture.
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