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Peppered Deer Steak
1/2 cup soy sauce
1- buck tenderloin
1/4 cup veg. oil
2- large green peppers
1- large onion
2- large tomatoes
Black pepper to taste

Slice loin across the grain thinly then lay flat and cut into strips like stir fry meat. Add meat and soy sauce together
in a large bowl and allow it to marinate while you cut the veg. Cut veg. in strips and the tomatoes into wedges. Add oil to a wock or large skillet heat and add meat and soy sauce and brown meat. Add onions and peppers cover and simmer until peppers and onions are cooked down to your liking. In the end add tomatoe wedges and cook 10 min. leaving them crisp. We also use our fresh canned tomatoes at times. Serve over rice. This is one of mom's recipes and only takes an hour start to finish. My wife asked for it the other night, and loved it.

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