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Fight N Lady BFT #6 1/12

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Man does it feel good to be doing this again! It has been so long since I have been able to write up a bluefin report, that I have almost forgotten how to type on this thing. If anyone has been keeping up with the tuna fishing this winter you know that it has been a slower than normal year for the Morehead fleet. That being said, it is a great feeling to report that the Fight N Lady is sending her 6th BFT to Japan. Today was day 31 and to be honest, things have been a little slow since before Christmas for us. With one fish chaffed off and another pulled hook it seemed that we were stuck on 5 for a LONG time.
We had tried every trick in the book and thank goodness the tuna gods smiled on us this morning just after daylight. It was the same ol' drill, leave the slip at 4:30, lines in before the first rays of light peak over the shoals, get everything set out, grab a drink and a Jimmy Dean biscuit and wait. Hearing that 130 scream this morning was at first a great sound then reality set in and the stress started to build. With so many things that can and do go wrong all I could think of was please stay tight we have got to have you. By the time I had everything cleared and The Stinger armed and ready, Don had the most of the top shot on and we were backing down into the slop caused by 20-25kts out of the NW. Everything was going very smoothly until the leader started coming up and the fish decided it was now or never if he was going to make it out alive. If you have never had next months bills hanging by a 10/0 in a fish that was getting frisky beside the boat you have no idea the stress involved in this game. As it came up I knew he was still green when I could see him black-backing along side the boat as we were going ahead at 10kts. We were in a stale mate until an 8 footer rolled under us and doubled over the 130 rod for a second. As we slid down the back side of it, the rod straightened out and I was able to gain that last little bit and push the drag over to really break his will. With our brand new harpoon from South Chatham Tackle, "The Stinger", loaded and ready for the kill, Shane was ready for the stress to be lifted off of us. He gave it a sling and drove the dart right between the peck and the gill plate and he was ours. We got him beside the boat and got the swimming hooks in him and set the spread out for number two. We owe a big thanks to Bob at South Chatham for the great products he has produced to make the end game a lot easier for us. The fish was no monster, but was just right as he taped at seventy five inches and cored 194. It looks like a lot of north wind and cold weather in store for us this week so we are thinking it will get them in here and chewing. I am waiting for the pictures to be sent to me and I will post them as soon as I get them.

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That sure is a hard call darting a 75 incher!! Glad it worked in your favor.
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