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Well it has been a while since the last report but the fishing has been decent when the weather will let you venture out. Yesterday they was a nice Wahoo bite in the stream along with all the small Mahis you could stand along with a few Gaffers mixed in also. All of the Wahoo have been very nice with no small ones like you catch sometimes in the summer all of the fish were in the upper 20 pound class & up. The Blackfins have started making a showing also but still no yellowfins around here. Inshore the King Mackerel bite is just what it is supposed to be this time of the year which is wide open. Most of the fish is less than 10 miles from the beach mixed in with them is some very nice Gag Grouper which are being caught on the deep rod while trolling. It seems this last N.E. blow cooled the water down enough to run the Spanish away from the beach. I must say they have been the most spanish this year that I have ever seen. But the good news is the water is getting cold on the beach which meens one thing BLUEFINS & we are ready for them. I expect within the next 2 weeks there will be an encounter of some kind with them & it will be on again. BTW I will be offering make up trips again like last year for the Bluefins with a max of 3 people on the boat which is perfect for the people that wants to learn or crank on one of these monsters.
Capt. Shane
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