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We I'm going to give the trolling up in the bay and start heading more and more offshore I have a few buds thats been bugging me to death to go, and I believe Tom also said something about his bud needing a group on a constant basis. I will still fish the Bay but it will be LTJ only unless I'm with someone else.

So I'm going to get getting rid off allot of trolling gear/tackle/boards and lots of baits so as I can prepare for the Deep Blue !!!!!!

Rod/Reel combo's out the but for sale !!!!!!! I can't use them offshore so I will not be needing them. Umbrella's Tandems,Tomics you name it I have it!!!!!! I have fish the Bay for along time and ready to move on to a place I'm not to familiar with and try something different I'm sure I'm going to get hooked real fast offshore.

Boats going as well
So will the Furuno F.F. and GPS I will be replacing everything so if you need anything let me know !!!! I thought I would give you guys the first shot at it all !!!!!

I can get everything together if you want to see everything I have !!!! I here this offshore thing is going to get expensive hahahahahaha

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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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