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Launched from our dock w son-in-law Dave aboard about 1pm Friday. Topped off fuel at Solomons and headed out of the Pax looking for action. Nothing at Cedar Point, so headed south. No wind, flat water, perfect conditions for running and spotting any breakers.

Found a dozen or more boats (both trollers and jiggers) in mid channel working widely scattered birds and occasional swirls, but after nearly an hour with no hits (and no bent poles sighted on other boats) we continued south.

Nothing at Point No Point, nothing at the Wilson Bridge rubble, nothing at Point Lookout. So we headed to the Eastern Shore.

Found another gaggle of boats in the channel near the eastern edge -- mostly trollers -- working the same pattern of widely scattered birds and occasional swirls, but did not hook up or see any action on other boats. Left to check out several spots south of the American Mariner wreck, and the targets ship itself. Nothing doing.

With the sun starting to get low, we headed back toward home checking out some shallower spots -- and finally found our fish in about 10 - 15 feet of water. One other boat was working a huge collection of birds and what turned out to be a monster school of quality stripers that were feeding in a leisurely, methodical way (no splashes, just swirls). At times the birds and swirls extended for perhaps 100 yards. The other boat left soon after our arrival -- presumably having caught their limit.
Breakers 2 11 27 2015.jpg

Breakers 11 27 15.jpg

The first cast brought in a fat 24-incher. In the next hour or so we followed the birds, and the school continued to surface and feed. I lost count of the fish we released -- and would say the smallest was 19 inches. We kept four in the 22-24 inch range (and released some that would have been 25 inches or more) before the sinking sun forced us to run for home, arriving just before dark.

They weren't picky. We had success with a 3-inch purple BA, and a 3-inch brown Storm wildeye.

Since my pier lights are out I iced down the fish and cleaned them in the morning. Two of them were absolutely gorged with silversides -- stomachs distended to the size of a softball. I found the remains of a 3-inch menhaden in one of them. I believe these were all resident fish and I sure hope some of them stick around until next spring.
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