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Left Bubbas this morning around 7:30 with friends Wayne and Mark and headed to CH. Trolled for about 45 mins w/o a knock down. We then moved over to the Ramada and watched a bird show with lots of fish and bait marks but no knock downs. We then made the best decision of the day and decided to go eeling. I went fishing with Capt-Ben with Above Average Sportfishing about 2 weeks ago and he gave me a ton of info and about a 5-hour lesson on how to fish eels. All the thanks in the world go to him for our success today. I had no idea before his help. He is an incredible asset to this board and the fishing community. We ended up with 3 fish and 6 runs. The fish were 43, 42, 38 and were a best for all of us. I had a great day and so did my friends. Im going to try to post pics but not sure how.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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