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whats that noise........its not a grumbler thats for sure

left out of BackCreek on the trusty Seaboss with the boss in search of some feesh.

Vectored over to Poq Flats to do a little speck fishing. Threw grubs of different colors for the better part of an hour. Nada. 3 foot of water on an outgoing tide, and it did look kinda muddy.

Next up Back River Reef, Squid and Minnows on skirted flouder rigs. Nothing but a clump of **** off the bottom with some other guys flounder rig stuck in it.

Motored up to Tue Marsh. Same flounder rigs produced same result. Now the captain is pissed and somewhat desperate. Over the rail go the bottom rigs with some nice squid. Now we are sure to snag a croaker and get the `07 skunk off the boat. Nada.

Final destination, the mouth over at Back Creek. BAM!!!!!! FEESH ON!!!!!!! Captain finally gets him a grumbla. hahaha, the tension was building. never been skunked out on the "tournament rounds" before and we were not about to start now.

Finished up in the Pog River where captain ahab caught a slap-in-my-face flounder on a grub!!!!
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