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Here is my first wrap...a faded chevron done in 5 different colors of A thread. One coat of FC on it now. Was gonna rewrap it, but it was my first rod so I put finish on it. :clapping2:

I played with a diamond wrap one night for 8-9 hours and here's that result. I will probably rewrap this rod as it is very busy and the pattern is small. I think the wrap is about 9 inches long...:eek:

...and here's my latest. A chevron pattern with 4 colors. Definitely gonna rewrap this one as I cut my tension thread while tying off the butt wrap and rushed to much to put a decent finish wrap on it (afraid the CP might let go of the thread) and I had to shorten my wrap to make up for the screw up. I spiral wrapped the guides and don't like the color combo that came out.

Gotta work on my picture taking abilities (I know flash is a no no)...and seam alignments! :helpsmilie::helpsmilie:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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