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Today looked like best of the upcoming week so went out from Sandy Point. Launched at 11 am - letting winds die off some and temperature warm up. Current would be incoming but against a north west breeze.

Put boat in and saw tide already up. Water in the basin was 39* but went up to 42* in main channel south of bridge. Saw two kayakers out - not too sure about that. Looked around from 50 to 75 feet - best marks in 60 but only a few fish. Ten years ago my finder would be filled. Dropped a cursor mark on GPS.

Set anchor and was about 30 feet upcurrent of the marks. Kept eye on fish finder and GPS - often these fish move around fast. Took a few casts - wind making it tough to feel the jighead. Missed at least a few before getting one to stick. Nice fight from a fat 24 incher.

May be an image of nature

At least now pressure of catching one was gone. Fish hit a chartreuse BKD on 1 oz leadhead - allowed to sweep along with current along bottom. Holding rod tip low helped keep wind from moving the line. Spray attractor seems to help.

Tried various rods with 3/4 and 1 oz heads - white , chartreuse , albino shad colors. Next one hit white - about same size.

No photo description available.

May be an image of nature

I flip fish off hook next to boat - easy since hook barb is mashed flat. I keep a small file and touch up the hook points - seems to help. The hits are light taps at best. Jigging the lure did not get any fish at all. Best was to cast upcurrent at 45* angle and let lure " swim " along bottom.

Bites were slow but so nice out it did not matter. Saw a few fish on meter under boat at times - managed to get one to bite. Nice one about 28 inches that pulled few feet of drag. I'm using 10 lb braid with 3 feet of 20 flouro so have drags a kiss lighter than my normal way past tight. Wind shifted more west and bay got calmer.

May be an image of twilight and ocean

Fished until about 2:30 - incoming current slowing as predicted. Caught six nice Rock - missed about a dozen hits but I like some came back since very few fish seen on meter. Easy run back to ramp - tide was flooded up.

Not the fast fishing like years ago but still nice to get first fish of 2023.

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Not sure how you managed to feel slighted by my comment. Yes Andy, we all know that you are out there every day fishing for panfish without a boat. Yes Andy, we all appreciate your posts.

Pat, I'm not slighted at all. Sorry you took it that way. You all make jokes and say thing back to each other/ like knocking each other's comments. Well at least now I know how you feel. Really it was kind of like a joke.
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