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I haven't been fishing in over a week.
Went to the landfill this am.
And picked up a load of feed on way back home.
Will do a little drywall repair before supper.

Haven't posted about any of that.
Or pics from my Cracker Barrel lunch.
Waitress was nondescript, but performed her duties in an adequate and friendly manner
Tipped her about 23%. Did not take pics.

Will squirrel hunt tomorrow, and hope to get back to fishing on Thursday.

I wear the same clothes pretty much all the time. Boots, jeans, flannel. Can send you pics if interested.
Just let me know...
OK Thank you. Yes send pictures of the squirrels. How many are you allowed to kill? Send pictures after you cook them. There I let you know.

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6 a day.
Dredged in seasoned flour after parboiling (in back pan), cooked in bacon grease.
Catfish in front skillet. ( And I STILL turned it into a catfish thread!!!)
Surf and turf?
Tree and Sea?

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I showed you mine, now you show me yours!
( Crappie and perch pics, I mean!!!)
That is nice. That's what I'm talking about. Here is mine when I was a young guy. That's me in front. Never hunted squirrels. Not proud of the fish picture. Can't find the fish picture
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