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I teamed up with Jim on the Magic Moment to fish the Marlin Club's Memorial Weekend tournament. We fished with Jim on Saturday and on Got Fish Too on Sunday. Jim already posted his report so here's what Sunday looked like. I was joined by Fred, Jim, Chuck, Harry and his son John.

Flat calm in the morning resulted in a nice ride out and it was calm pretty much all day. We landed just south of the Baltimore where we left them the day before. 70 fa and 71 degrees - a nice 2 degree break. Saturday there were only a handful of boats fishing due to the sporty nature of the terrain. On Sunday I think we had close to 100 boats within 5 miles of us. We saw some boats hooked up as we put our spread out. We had 2 rods go off within 30 minutes of lines in. One either got ate by a shark or was a shark to begin with since the mono leader was clearly bit off. The second pulled the hook.

We continued to troll with the fleet - working our way south and then back north again. It looked like the bit had really died out later in the morning so I decided to work the temperature break (back an forth). At 2:30 our way back goes off and Harry jumps on the rod. Boated a 30 lb YFT and that was it for the day. The tuna hit a blue/white islander.

We made it on the board with an official weight of 30.2 lbs.

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