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Finaly! Finaly got one of the boats working. Took the 16' er out to the shallows today. It was like running Oyster for you guys up north. Only ran up on it once.

Started seeing reds on the outgoing water. The first hookup was on a 9 spotted beauty that erupted on a fin-s as soon as it hit the water off a shell point. I chased two more down a bank but didn't get any love. Went back to the point and saw another with his back out of the water. Made quick work of him. Saw a 10 lb sheephead in 2' of water and spooked a few more reds in that creek. Fished in an open area and went 6 for 8 on sighted reds. Tide started coming in as I made my way up a narrow marsh-grass lined creek to see what all the splashing was about half way back. Lady fish, the biggest I have ever seen crashing fingers. It took a wile but I got two of them, not the big one I saw but still about 20". No flounder for me today but I did see about 100 stingrays in the shallows. If I go wading I'll be doing the Texas shuffle![grin]

Sorry no pictures today, my wife has the camera and the guy that was going to bring the camera today must have had it in bed with him, because thats where he was when I called him after he was 15 min late.[sad]
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