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Dropped the ol' 21 Triumph in at lewisetta sat am about 6:30. Headed out toward buoy #70. Stopped just south of point lookout due too bumps on water a good marks on finder. Put spread over with boards. 10 rods out tandems, stretch's, umbrellas, single chutes, tomic, spoon..... Ran out toward 70 and round and round we went. Had one knockdown early (on a single 7" naked storm shad) but no fish :cool:..Made a couple passes through same area and got nothing. Began to troll up channel's edges toward 72. Picked up on fat 19 (skunk be gone) on a blue and silver tomic. Moved all the way up past 72 working channel edges. Saw good marks over deep water but fish did'nt seem to wanna play. Most of the scattered bird activity seemed to be coming from shallow'er water. It seems as though the fish come up too feed and are so jumpy that one gannet takin a dive puts the fish back down. Picked up a nice 39 almost due west of the 72 on the western side of channel on a blue and silver stretch 25. All fish on saturday came from planer boards. All the other talk on the radio was white, white, white. No luck at all from the boat rods. Unable to talk any mor fishes into giving up, and after a phone call from No. Va. (home) saying it was starting to snow, we figured we should pack it up and call it a day. Probably gonna be Fish Hawg's last trip in the bay for this year. We brung her home for winter TLC, and to get her ready for VA Beach........Look out fishes FISH HAWG's comin :rockon:

Hope someone can make heads or tails of this report and put it to good use.


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