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Fish Huk at the CBBT

this is the old man weighing in, Striper Fights much better than the Eagles win, but both very cool. Not a bad holiday package.
Largest Striper of our trip 46.5 ", new high water mark for our family/boat! A great road trip and departure from our normal stomping grounds (DE Bay). Will post pic's once we figure out how to download/ post. Kids handle the high tech stuff for me.
Like the board, a good source of info, am blessed to have bayfisherman12 (middle son/14 ) as a built in fishing partner for life! He is a fishing fanatic and checks the board regularly now that he knows about it. Appreciate the replies to his post.
Happy New Year and tight lines IN 09! Let's all remember to practice conservation, with our fish and the environment. I look forward to fishing with my kids kids down the road..
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