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Fresh waters:white pech have been good while the redfins continue to slow.Rockfishing inshore around the bridges continues to be just shy of steady.Focus around bridges with bucktails and rattle traps slow trolling making the lures bounce off the pilings.(top seceret hint guys and gals baits must continuely bounce off the pilings when the fishing is slow.Try throwing small 1 to 1.5 ounce white jigs with green 4 inch mister twisters.let them sink to the bottom real slowly bouncing off each pilling .They reaaaaaaaaalllly like it when it changes direction .WWWWWWWWWWhhhhhhaaammmm.Find one mark the piling remeber it most likely you can go back by it and catch another within 10 to 15 minutes.If you do catch another stop cast down it you may have found the school.
currituck bridge best bait rattle traps
coinjock canal rattle traps at dawn and dusk
double bucktails during the day
manns harbor live eeels for big fish on pilings
buctails on the bottom slowly reeled against pilings
( white with green mr twister )
troll stretches or heavy weighted bucktails
white perch are full swing in their annual mating rituals
night crawler on home made bottom rig fill a bucket
15 or 20 use small jigs and beetle spins tipped with minnows

big stippers are all around the inlet
they are scattered more now because of the blows and are harder to locate.plainers with bucktails,1 lb. or more lead torpedo weights dressed with skirts and any thing else you can use to get your bait down.keep some up in the middle column as well as on bait way way back.

offshore is cranking up very slowly probably more to do with lack of offfshore trips han anything.got to love the wind
hope this helps someone,

If it swims i will catch it.
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