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I fished Saturday with Blood worms on both sides of the Burlington Bristol bridge. Not a thing on the PA side but had a couple small(I'd guess white perch) bites on the NJ side but found the debris to much of a hassle on the NJ side. Sunday my brother and I dropped in at Linden Ave again, tried the area with blood worms, casted a sassy shad but no luck so we boated from there up to Trenton Falls. Anchored off behind the railroad bridge. Tried some of Woo's flutter spoons and darts as well as a sabiki rig and more blood worms. After an hour and no bites we called it quits. The river was really moving between 3pm and 4PM. However we were happy to see just a few peices of debris floating by at the Trenton Falls. The water still had lots of debris this past weekend, we even found a refridgerator floating out front of Bristol. The water is still real cold and very muddy. I understand no rain for possibly a week. Should make for better fishing next weekend, however I don't see the water warming up much. It so should make for good fishing for the opening day of PA Trout season Sat. 4/16, I'll be on Darby creek. Got my limit there last year by 9AM.
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