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Monday 1-12. Doug, Rob and I headed to the Eastern shore around 8:00 AM. A little wind and waves, stayed fairly dry in the CC. Got over to the spot we've been fishing the last few times 19-22 feet. Picked up 5, all on eels, had several nice runs that didn't come tight. We were the only boat out there. Left around 3:30 or so. Nice ride back to LC.

Went back out Tuesday, thought it would be a better day, nice ride from LC to the exact same spot we were fishing the day before. Marking fish and bait. Doug O picks a nice one up almost immediately, fish were on the bottom and Doug G picks up a 43"er, heard them picking some up over at Cape Henry but we just didn't want to deal with the crowd. As the wind started to pick up and the clouds rolled in the gannets started to stack-up and dive, birds make me crazy, growing up in Hawaii we find the birds we find the Ahi. Trolled everything we had umbrellas, parachutes, spoons, stretches, mojos, tomics, etc... no joy. When the birds first started to flock up and dive we were the only boat out there again. Several more boats showed up and I'm sure they were catching a couple here and there. We decided to drop the eels again in 16-20 feet of water, lots of fish and bait,had 2 more runs with no hook-up. About 2:30 PM I finally get a good run and the fish comes tight and I get my one for the day. headed back to LC as the wind and rain really picked up.

Got my striper fix for the time being, I'm ready to help FISHDAD on his New Year resolution....... jigging up some Ahi, baby!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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