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INDIAN RIVER - A fisherman is lucky to be alive. Around 11 o'clock Friday night Greg Ryan fell overboard from his fishing boat into the Atlantic Ocean.

The United States Coast Guard said Ryan and the rest of the crew of the ship Hangin Loose was on their way to a offshore fishing ground known as the "Ham Bone." The other people on board did not notice Ryan was missing for several minutes and could not find him when they began searching.

The Coast Guard searched through the night with the help of several helicopters and two C-130 airplanes.

Ryan was found Saturday morning at 10:30 swimming more than four miles off shore by a recreational fishing boat, The S.S. Minnow. He had survived by treading water for more than eleven hours.

Ryan was suffering from mild hypothermia and several cuts.

"After his rescue," said Coast Guard Commander Ron LaBrec, "he told us he had begun to lose consciousness shortly before being sighted."

The Coast Guard reminds boaters that the best way to prepare for emergencies like this is to wear life vests with reflective tape so you can remain floating and be easily seen.
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