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I've always thought fishermen are good hearted and today I saw a perfect example.

Fellow Tfer Tim helped out with Wish a Fish by signing on to take out a last minute family. We used the fishing / crabbing pier at Sandy Point and I saw four guys about 20 or so taking picture of bloodworm.

Now if you know me , I just had to mess with these guys and asked exactly why they were photographing bait. They told me they had never seen bloodworms before. They were not having any luck but were full of excitement just to be fishing.

Tim came in with his family and they got off his boat. Not sure how it happened but soon these four guys were invited to go out on Tim's boat.

Wish I had camera - they were so thrilled. Tim took time to rerig their rods - I noticed heavy 5/0 hooks on bottom rigs.

Was too busy to see them come back in but I'll bet they had a blast. Sure it was no big deal to Tim but meant the world to these guys.

World needs more kind hearted fishermen like Tim.
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