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Great Job Ashley:thumbup:

Let me start with make sure the drag on your rod is set where you want it before you head out to catch fish. Tonight my 4 year old daughter Ashley graced me with her presence and couldnt have made me happier. We named each piece of bait and asked it to go get its big cousin for show and tell on the boat. Casted a rattle trap chrome/blue back, for this evening. Couple casts in and WHAM nice strike and a wif no fish. Couple casts later wham zing splash pull no fish. Then I remembered buddy O'mine talked me into loosening my drag aagggg. Ok so adjusted my drag properly ( dont know why I didnt get it on the first wiff) it took a while but yes hooked up and watched Ashley boat her first striper :clap: It was a little 13 but hey it was a striper. Nothing on the baitfish but we did see some action. Tight Lines Mike
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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