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Fishing in Hawaii

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My wife supprised me and booked a trip to Hawaii ,can anyone help me on fishing there and what to expect and who to go out with,we will staying in Maui for 14 day's.
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Aloha - I travel to Hawaii on business 5 or 6 times a year and have fished out of Oahu but not Maui. It's the same waters and you will have a ball. I've never been mistreated or disrespected. The last time we went out, there were 4 people on the boat and we caught nine large bigeye Ahi and one nice Wahoo. Here's a chart of what you can expect to catch at what time of the year. I'll be there in March. Mahalo.

Maui fishing seasons... what's the best month to land a marlin in Hawaii?
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