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Fishing in Hawaii

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My wife supprised me and booked a trip to Hawaii ,can anyone help me on fishing there and what to expect and who to go out with,we will staying in Maui for 14 day's.
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I hear they've got CHARTER FISHING scams out the wahzoo.They'll trick you into mounting average sized fish(FL trick,too) and then sell your fish and give you a scolding or worse because you're just a DUMB HAOLE(how-lee).I've read that you have to search for a decent outfit to fish with,but coming from the mainland means we're just know nothing idiots to many of their charter guys.I hope that this is not true,but they might kinda hate outsiders there as I hear similar stuff about surfing there too.Please prove these reports wrong,because I'd like to go there one day and feel it is worthwhile.I can find many places to get sneered at right here in NC,so why travel 6000 miles?GOOD LUCK!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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