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DEEP SEA ABYSS TRIP-May 22 Captain Steven reports exceptional fishing- with too many tile fish to count. Pollack was plentifull, cusk and hake were all you wanted if you managed to stay down. The first half of the first day tile was targeted, which produced tons of double headers with many large and extra-large fish. There were 15 fish between 20 and 38 pounds. John Viol of Mohegan Lake, NY was with us for his first deep-sea fishing experience. He had 16 tile fish total, weighing in between 6lbs-32lbs. He also got 11 pollack, 18 cusk and a dozen nice hake. First place in the tile pool was split between Jason Sparkes of Homedale, NJ and Sal DiMeglio of Setauket, NY. The pool tile fish weighed in at 38lbs. Pollack pool was won by Fred Paholek of Edison, NJ with a 20 pounder. John Szymanski took home the cod pool with a 16lbs fish. All coolers, totes and baskets were overflowing with fish. We had to cut the trip short because of incoming harsh weather. A note to all our customers: Captain Steven came across some 66 degree water temperature on this trip. It looks like warm water is moving in. There was sufficient bird and surface life, with whales and dolphins showing up. The expectations are promising for the 3 Day Tuna and Tile trip coming up on the June 19. With bottom fishing being so good, tuna should be showing in about 2 weeks! Captain Steven is looking forward to the 3 Day Tuna and Tile!


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