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I just got back from a week vacation in Buxton. We managed to launch the boat 3 of the 6 mornings we were there. We launched from Teach's Lair Marina and fished the sound side of the southern tip of Hatteras Island very near Hatteras Inlet. The Tuesday morning before Alberto we were fishing the incoming tide and we were using minnows and squid for bait. The wind was blowing us into the beach and so we were drifting from 15' of water into 2 feet of water at the beach. Each pass over the channel edge which goes from 8' to 2 feet found us hooking flounder.

The Thursday after Alberto, we bought the last 15 minnows that Teaches Lair had and we fished the same spot. The drift was setup the same and we were catching flounder in the same place.

Friday, the 16th, we couldn't get minnows and so we used shrimp. Fishing the same area as before, we fishing the tailend of the outgoing tide, the slack water and the start of the incoming tide. When the water was moving, we found the flounder in 14' of water. When the water stopped moving, the flounder stopped biting and we caught lots of small pigfish and small sea bass. We also caught 1 "huge" puffer fish.

As usual, the fishing there was excellent.

Alberto came visiting on Wednesday. Wednesday had lots of rainshowers and in the afternoon, the sky cleared and it got very windy. Wednesday evening, the sky clouded over and the wind was howling. Teaches Lair's weather station recorded wind speeds of 73 mph.
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